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Can ROAR's Panic Button Solution be used for prevention or de-escalation?

Yes, we have heard the following from customers:

  1. The signs we post throughout the facility that staff is outfitted with panic buttons act similarly to a home security system sign or CCTV camera, helping reduce the likelihood of incidents from occurring.
  2. The panic buttons being visibly worn or behavioral health workers using them once a patient becomes verbally aggressive vs waiting for them to get physical.

Leveraging ROAR as a de-escalation tool would ultimately be determined by your facility depending on your safety guidelines and training.

Does ROAR provide coverage in secluded areas, e.g. stairwalls?

ROAR’s system gives you the ability to cover all areas of your property, including stairwells, rooftops, outdoor spaces, and parking garages.

How does ROAR work in areas where Wi-Fi or cell coverage is poor or unreliable? Can outdoor areas like parking lots and smoking areas be covered?

With ROAR’s standalone solution, coverage is completely independent of external Wi-Fi and LTE networks. The system was intentionally built to address dead spots so there is no singular point of failure, and can work in campus like settings and in parking lots, smoking areas, etc.

Why is your BLE mesh technology better than other panic button solutions?

With other panic button solutions, you get a one-to-one or one-to-many Bluetooth solution usually requiring a Wi-Fi connection or a single hub or router, which could disrupt communication. ROAR’s Bluetooth mesh technology provides a many-to-many connection, enabling redundancy of communication.

With our BLE mesh technology, devices are connected to each other in a way that allows for multiple pathways for data to travel from one device to another. This means that if one device is unable to communicate directly with another device, the data can still be routed through other devices in the network to reach its destination. Unlike other BLE solutions that may rely on a single hub or router, this ensures reliability and resiliency because there isn’t a single point of failure that would otherwise disrupt communication. It’s also useful in disaster situations where some devices may be damaged or offline. Learn more about the differences between Bluetooth panic buttons and Bluetooth mesh technology here.

Is Bluetooth mesh technology reliable?

Yes, depending on how it is built. ROAR’s mesh technology allows communication between multiple devices and removes the need for smartphones, and cellular or Wi-Fi networks that may be prone to dead zones. In our BLE mesh network, each Smart Beacon on the network can communicate with other devices on the network. This means that if one fails or goes offline, the others can still communicate with each other, making the network more resilient and reliable. Additionally, mesh networks can be easily expanded by adding more Smart Beacons, allowing them to grow and adapt to changing needs while increasing the network’s redundancy capacity.

We have Wi-Fi, how would we work with your system?

ROAR’s BLE mesh technology works independently of your Wi-Fi system. If you would like to leverage your Wi-Fi, we offer a tier that is used in combination with an LTE connection to transfer all your massages from the gateway to the cloud server, ensuring reliability for your staff.

Our IT department doesn’t allow integrations with other networks. Can we still use ROAR?

ROAR understands the importance of your network’s security. You have the option to setup your system utilizing a standalone network where we use LTE connectivity for your network to communicate with our cloud server.  

Does ROAR offer two-way communication?

We do not offer two-way voice communication for the following reasons:

1) The possibly of escalating tensions in an assault circumstance thereby causing more harm to the employee.

2) Devices with voice communications tend to be far more fragile and expensive and require staff to remember to charge them every evening.

3) Given that we are providing a life-safety system, we have found that a better solution is offered when focus is not diluted trying to be a “jack-of-all-trades.”

What type of reporting is available?

We currently offer email reporting sent daily, weekly, or monthly based on your preference. A web portal is in progress. Until then, customers can reach out to our team anytime and we will provide a report on-demand.

How much does ROAR cost?

Cost varies based on services selected and size and scope of the facility being covered. For instance, we suggest covering areas such as stairwells and employee work-areas (linen/janitor closets, service elevator landings, etc.) where history shows employees are at risk. We would be happy to discuss your specific requirements and provide an accurate estimate of services and costs.


How long does it take to install a 100-room property?

We recommend budgeting for three days of installation. Once we have designed your network based on your property layout, our team will work with you on an implementation timeline.

Will installation require new electrical outlets, drilling, or construction?

Mesh nodes do not require additional construction. Your networking equipment, such as the gateways, will need electrical connections. Properties often have available electrical outlets in the networking closets where their Wi-Fi system is installed.

Do you offer a self-install option?

Location accuracy is a key component of our solution. As such, we always ensure a ROAR technician surveys your property pre and post-deployment to conduct signal testing and select the best spots for our Smart Beacons (with your approval). We offer an option to develop a deployment plan where your staff can assist in the implementation


What is required to maintain the system?

Your system is designed with redundancy in mind to be hassle-free. Our support team will monitor and notify you when equipment requires your attention. Our support team will work with you on a quarterly basis to test your system and reinforce your staff’s training on the solution

How long is the battery life of the Smart Beacons and ROAR Alert Devices? Will low-battery notifications be sent proactively?

Your beacon batteries are designed to last three years, and they will often last longer. When your equipment’s batteries are near the end, you will receive alerts from our team, and we will work with you on ensuring your equipment’s batteries are replaced.

Do you offer a battery replacement program?

Ask about our ROAR extended warranty program in which customers receive replacement hardware and labor to assist the facility’s staff in replacing all the depleted batteries.

What type of warranty does ROAR offer?

Your system comes with a default 1-year warranty on materials. You have the option to opt for our extended warranty program. With our extended warranty program, we will take care of the maintenance of your system for the duration of your contract.

Hear From Our Customers

ROAR was chosen because it was more accurate and less expensive than other products on the market.

VP of Global Safety & Security

It's a boon to clients. Knowing ROAR is there influences families as to where they should send their relative who has a medical or psychiatric need.


So much of the work is prevention. Having these devices is like having a big security guard popping out of nowhere. A mental health worker once told me a client was acting up and they pointed to their button and said, "You see this? Don’t make me do it."


We implemented ROAR's Panic Button Security Solution back in 2019 to safeguard our staff, and we're delighted that we took action before the outbreak of COVID. The solution has enabled our Security team to enlist our employees as additional "eyes and ears," and we've also discovered a surprising benefit in it aiding our guests as well. Our staff has used the buttons to de-escalate arguments, stop domestic disputes, and ensure that they can focus on their tasks rather than deal with guests who are using drugs or homeless individuals attempting to enter our rooms.

Director of Security of 1300+ Room Hotel

Based on my experiences with other solutions, this is one of the best. The beacons appear small, and because they’re battery operated, we can place them in discrete locations. The panic buttons are elegant, and I appreciate that it’s designed to prevent false alarms.

Hotel Owner

Working with your team to implement this system for our hotel has been an amazing experience. I am so glad to be part of the ROAR  family.

GM of Gulph Creek
Hotels Property

We chose to work with ROAR because they understand the challenges faced by management and users. We want the employees to know that we have selected a staff safety system which we believe in. After reviewing several systems available, we believe that ROAR offers the best technology at the best price. ROAR has continued to match these offerings by providing exceptional service to our hotels.

Owner of Gulph
Creek Hotels

Our experience with ROAR has been perfect from the beginning! Every representative we have worked with from installation to tech support to billing has always gone above and beyond to assist our resort. The staff is always friendly and dedicates their time to us.

GM of Marriott
Vacations Property

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