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Introducing AlwaysOnTM

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Built from the ground up to always work, the AlwaysOn™ Staff Safety Platform is powered by patent-pending fail-safe technology to protect employees and promote well-being

"Based on my experiences with other solutions, this is one of the best. The beacons appear small, and because they’re battery operated, we can place them in discrete locations. The panic buttons are elegant and I appreciate that it’s designed to prevent false alarms."  - Bert, Hotel Owner

How It Works

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More Reliability, Less Markup

AlwaysOn™ is non-intrusive, easy to install, and offers accurate 24/7/365 whole hotel coverage regardless of WIFI, cell phone dead spots, or even power outages.

AlwaysOn™ also offers true room accuracy, real-time alarm location tracking, and false alarm prevention - all mission-driven priced to enable you to do the right thing by deploying the most accurate and reliable solution for your employees.

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Complete dead spot coverage
Room-specific location tracking
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Discreet, easy to hide, low-maintenance hardware
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Built-in WIFI & LTE for extra layers of protection
Live network updates include battery alerts and notifications
Award-winning safety alert device designed to prevent false alarms

About Us

We envision a world where everyone can live their lives boldly. A more inclusive culture that fosters equality through safe work environments. Where technology empowers people to thrive. This vision inspired us to launch ROAR for Good.

Based in Philadelphia, ROAR for Good is a woman-led and mission-driven technology company dedicated to creating safer workplaces. We believe that no one should be afraid while trying to earn a living wage, and that belief propelled our latest product, AlwaysOn™.

When employees are given the tools to succeed, businesses benefit. Protect your greatest assets with AlwaysOn™.





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