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ROAR’s 911 Panic Button
Protects Your People
When Seconds Count

What is the ROAR 911 Panic Button?

ROAR's 911 panic button next to how the alert appears to the responder

De-escalate dangerous situations while silently alerting emergency response services

The ROAR Panic Button provides workers with the ability to alert 911 quickly, efficiently and with 100% reliability. Whether it's for a medical emergency, a workplace violence incident, or a robbery, the ROAR 911 Panic Button provides a lifeline for staff – adding a layer of security to your facility.

ROAR's dual-patented 911 panic button instantly alerts 911 emergency services, sending your exact location within the building, even in dead zone areas such as parking lots and stairwells. Available in a wearable and a fixed under-the-desk button.

How Does the ROAR 911 Panic Button Work?

The ROAR 911 panic button quickly alerts police and emergency services through RapidSOS's call center, the world’s leading intelligence safety platform. Real-time location data is sent to RapidSOS safety agents, meaning their location is shared with police, fire, or other first responders even if they move after sending the alert.

The ROAR 911 Panic Button:

Instantly alerts police and emergency services, sharing key data and entry instructions

Requires no WIFI or hard-wiring configuration

Leverages ROAR's dual patented dead-zone-free coverage and redundant BLE mesh network to ensure reliability and a fast response

Adds a layer of security to your existing workplace safety plan

ROAR alert console showing status of 911 alert next to a security officer watching the screen and a mobile app showing the same alert.

What Are the ROAR 911 Panic
Button’s Benefits?

Housekeeper smiling into the camera wearing a ROAR Panic Button

ROAR 911 Panic Button features:

  • Alerts 911 emergency services with a quick push of a button 
  • Dead zone-free location identification to ensure your workers’ alerts get through in the event of an emergency 
  • Precise, pinpoint location detection so police and other emergency responders can quickly come to exactly where your workers are in trouble 
  • Silent alerts can be sent to both on-site security personnel and 911 emergency services in real time with the simple push of a 911-enabled button. 
  • Quickly deployable for any size organization, cost-effective, independent of WIFI and no requirement for hard-wiring 
  • Alert resolution summary to capture details for reference and reporting 

Protect your employees and guests wherever they are within your facility with our enhanced panic button solution. The ROAR 911 Panic Button is a lifeline for your at-risk employees, allowing 911 police and emergency services to find and protect them quickly when every second counts. RapidSOS software is used by 99% of the 911 centers across the country supporting over 171M emergencies annually. 

Discover how your organization can ensure the physical and psychological well-being of your staff and create a safer work environment with ROAR's dual-patented safety solution.

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