Panic Button Provider Checklist

Download this free comprehensive checklist to empower you in making the best decision to ensure safety and peace of mind for your staff.

With workplace violence rising each year, businesses are investing in panic buttons to ensure the safety of their employees. Panic button solutions offer a variety of benefits to organizations:

  • Helping to de-escalate incidents
  • Mitigating injuries
  • Expediting response time during emergencies
  • Improving employee recruitment and retention
  • Cost savings associated with workers comp claims, liability insurance, and more

Not all panic buttons are alike. We understand choosing the right solution can be overwhelming and your choice carries significant consequences. To ensure your people are protected, download this free checklist to help guide you through trade-offs and what to consider.

What the Checklist Covers:

  • Essential features
  • Indirect costs to avoid
  • Coverage, scalability, expandability considerations
  • Training requirements
  • Regulatory compliance
  • How to look for proven expertise and positive ROI

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Equip yourself with the insights you need to make the best informed decision to protecting your people. Download the checklist today and lead the way in workplace safety.

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