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To empower people through technology to help create safer organizations


To help protect 30,000,000 vulnerable people by 2030

Our Journey

The company started in 2014 by empowering women with one of the first safety devices built as a fashionable and wearable alternative to self-defense tools.  We reinvested a portion of the proceeds into empathy education.  ROAR became a market leader in 2017 with sales in over 45 countries and the safety devices were available through Amazon, Target, and Urban Outfitter. 

Our crowdfunding campaign set a record for the most funded campaign in Philadelphia.  We received press coverage from Mashable, MTV News, the NY Times, and celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher. We won multiple awards – Top 10 Wearable Companies by Entrepreneur Magazine, Technology Startup of the Year by PACT, and others.  

In 2018, we parlayed our personal safety experience and technology expertise to focus on workplace safety starting with the hospitality industry.  We did so at the request of our first hotel customer, who came to us realizing we had a solution that would meet the requirements of his hotel brand—to protect employees everywhere in his hotel—even in dead spots. 

In 2022, we expanded to healthcare to help protect the staggering number of caregivers, nurses, and doctors who experience assaults from patients or families of patients, providing a lifeline to protect their team proactively and reactively to elevate their culture of safety.

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Our CEO's Backstory

Workplace safety is personal for our CEO who experienced harassment while working in the hospitality industry. Watch her TEDx talk on why ROAR was founded and its vision to revolutionize the protection of at-risk workers.

“We believe no one should be afraid while trying to earn a wage. ROAR offers a future free of workplace harassment and assaults.”

Yasmine Mustafa   
CEO and Co-Founder,

We are a Certified B Corporation™, meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

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ROAR is proud to support the American Hotel Lodging Association as an Allied Plus Member & 5-Star Promise Sponsor.

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