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ROAR Secures U.S. Patent for Network Technology Powering Its Hotel Workplace Safety Solution

ROAR's Panic Button Solution

ROAR, an emerging leader in hotel workplace safety technology, has been approved for U.S. Patent No. 11,128,987, which recognizes the uniqueness of, and protects the significant technological advancement of, ROAR’s Bluetooth low energy mesh network system, which has applicability across numerous industries.

The innovation, which was created in an effort to eliminate “drops,” blind spots, or downed coverage for network security systems, was developed and rigorously tested by a team of ROAR for Good engineers over the course of several years. The application is now live at dozens of hotels across the country, powering the company’s Panic Button Technology as a new standard of safety for the industry.

“This was an engineering initiative we undertook to ensure that our customers were protected with the strongest defense possible – a closed system of mesh nodes that need only a low-grade battery power to operate,” said Rich Nelson, co-founder and vice president of product and hardware development at ROAR. “Our system is always reporting out data – regardless of how a hotel’s WiFi or LTE is performing – allowing ROAR’s Panic Button Solution to be one of the most reliable and accurate location-based panic buttons for the hotel community and other appropriate markets.”

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