A Safer Welcome for All at the Independence Visitor Center

With approximately 3 million people coming through the doors each year, the scale of challenges faced by the staff at the Independence Visitor Center in keeping incidents to a minimum is significant.

Find out how The Independence Visitor Center not only addressed this problem but improved employee morale, gave the security team peace of mind in the event of an alert, ensured that support could be dispatched quickly and efficiently covering over 50,000 square feet of the facility.

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What You’ll Learn in This Case Study

Find Out How The Independence Visitor Center Leveraged ROAR to:

  • Create a safer and friendlier space for visitors and employees
  • Lower the propensity for violent incidents
  • Offer their staff fully wireless and discreet personal alert devices
  • Have comprehensive visibility, instant alerts and a dead-zone-free property
  • Provide peace of mind for staff and management

“The ROAR panic buttons just gave the staff a crucial layer of protection. That’s the most important thing, that our employees feel safe.”

— Director of Security, Safety & Compliance, Independence Visitor Center

Want to elevate the safety throughout your organization including your employees, guests and visitors?

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