Hilton’s Solution to Workplace Violence

Did you know that the hospitality industry has a turnover rate of 73.8%? Incidents of violence and harassment against hospitality workers only continue to grow — it’s no wonder that the turnover rate is so high. Find out how Hilton not only addressed this problem but improved employee morale, decreased turnover and improved job satisfaction all with ROAR.

Hilton Case Study

ROAR Is Trusted By:

What’s Inside

Find Out How Hilton Leveraged ROAR to:

  • Create a safer and friendlier place to work
  • Lower the propensity for employee turnover
  • Offer their staff fully wireless and discreet personal alert devices
  • Have comprehensive visibility, instant alerts and a dead-zone-free property
  • Provide peace of mind for staff and management
  • Exceed regulatory compliance standards

“ROAR was chosen because it was more accurate and less expensive than other products on the market.”

— VP of Global Safety & Security, Marriott Vacations Worldwide

Want to improve the safety of your employees, increase job satisfaction and reduce workers’ comp claims?

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