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This Wireless Silent Button Solution to Curb Workplace Violence Just Got a 911 Upgrade

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When the unimaginable happens at work, will your staff be prepared? The sad truth is that incidents of workplace violence are rising, reaching over 2 million annually — and it’s only getting worse. You may assume that your employees have access to a phone readily available to call 911, but what if that only escalates the situation? Will they have time to give detailed information to the 911 agent, such as what is happening, where, who is involved and their description? Or what if there’s no cell service in that part of the facility? Or they’re in a threatening situation and need a way to call out for help while trying to avoid detection? Or, worse yet, what if they’re incapacitated and unable to make the call? Unfortunately, there are too many variables to rely solely on smartphones for your employee’s safety. The truth is, expecting workers to call 911 in a dangerous situation is not always feasible. 

In an age of uncertainty and unforeseeable tragic events dominating the headlines, frontline workers in hospitality, healthcare, public spaces and more need assurances that they will be protected while on the job. It’s no coincidence that mental health is a major topic of conversation right now — people from all walks of life are experiencing compounding pressure in this environment, leading to high-risk scenarios for workers in these fields. These workers need a safety net because 68% feel unsafe at work. From attracting highly qualified job seekers to avoiding attrition, having workplace security measures isn’t just helpful for peace of mind and lowering insurance or workers’ comp claims either — they’re a must-have to attract and keep top-level talent on staff.

What Are the Best Safety Solutions to Curb Workplace Violence?

In 1968, the 911 phone line was rolled out to help people in need of emergency assistance, and not much has changed since then in how people reach emergency response. While this was an incredible advancement, people in dangerous work situations needed something more discreet for a long time. They needed a better way to alert emergency responders than sitting on a phone, describing the situation as their attacker continued an assault — or worse, as their injuries metastasized toward life-threatening. It’s estimated that people call 911 240 million times annually, or 657,534 calls per day, with 70 percent of them being from cell phones. The interesting challenge with 911 is that the cell phone caller’s location is triangulated for 911 from the closest cell towers, which it’s not exact unless the caller provides it. 

What if there was a faster, safer and more discreet way to alert 911 that didn’t involve talking to anyone and pinpointed the location of the alert down to the room?

Thankfully, safety technology has evolved in recent years to give workers in every industry peace of mind without relying on spotty phone coverage, dead zones or further escalating dangerous situations. Workers can now trigger a 911 response without further escalating dangerous situations with a workplace safety button that silently alerts both internal teams and 911 emergency responders. The safety net to curb workplace violence and protect workers with 911 assistance is finally here. 

ROAR has partnered with RapidSOS to provide another venue for fast response protection for at-risk workers. Coupled with RapidSOS’s intelligent safety platform that securely links life-saving data from ROAR’s connected device to RapidSOS safety agents, 911 and first responders, employees can now have complete peace of mind on the job.

ROAR’s 911 emergency services feature provides this additional lifeline to safety, engineered in both static and wearable forms that are free from dead zones and can reach help immediately from anywhere on your facility’s grounds. This solution works independently of your facility’s IT network ensuring superior reliability without compromising security. Whether it’s protection from workplace violence or a precaution for workplace injury or accidents. 

Benefits of ROAR’s new 911 safety feature:

  • Cost-effective solution for lone workers, small staff sites, or any setting where emergency escalation is needed with a simple, silent button press 
  • Leverages ROAR’s comprehensive location coverage to ensure no dead zones in emergency situations
  • Pinpoints the distress signal down to the room location
  • Silent escalation to 911 guards against potential incident escalations

How ROAR’s new 911 safety feature works:

  1. Employee presses ROAR 911 panic button and thereby activated 
  2. ROAR alert console and mobile apps receive the 911 notification
  3. Emergency Response Data Platform detects the alert
  4. Alert details are shared with a live monitoring agent
  5. Monitoring agent calls site in attempt to confirm or cancel the alert
  6. Alert data shared with 911 via RapidSOS platform and dispatch site is confirmed
  7. ROAR alert console and mobile apps receive updated statuses on 911 response progress

Taking the right safety precautions to offer a safe work environment is paramount to your operation’s success. Workers in high-risk situations deserve the safest environment with peace of mind enabled by ROAR’s panic button solution — and so does your business.

At ROAR, our solutions work for operations of any size and industry with proven ROI based on reducing staff turnover, worker’s compensation claims, and litigation costs.​ More importantly, they protect your people.

Want to discover how ROAR’s innovative 911 panic button solution can boost employee morale, save lives and improve your bottom line? [Request a Demo]

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