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ROAR for Ukrainian Relief

Irish statesman Edmund Burke (1729-1797) once famously said, “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.” He also said, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Mr. Burke’s creed is a lesson that is applicable today.

“We can’t implement a no-fly zone, and as a small company, we can’t send millions of dollars, but we also can’t do nothing, so we will do what we can,” announced Yasmine Mustafa, CEO and founder of ROAR for Good.  “I founded this company almost a decade ago to help people feel safer at work and in their lives.  We are achieving our mission, and helping our clients achieve theirs in our core markets of hospitality and healthcare, and we are compelled to do what we can to help Ukraine during this devastating humanitarian crisis.”

“This despicable display of war crimes hits particularly close to home in our ROAR family, not only because of my personal experiences as a refugee but because it is directly impacting a member of our team. One of our software developers, now a proud American, is of direct Ukrainian and Russian descent and has family in Ukraine – some in flight, some in the fight.” Yasmine added.

In honor of his family, and all the brave men and women who are standing, and in some cases dying for freedom and democracy, ROAR for Good will be donating 5% of proceeds from transactions that are initiated through this inquiry form through April 15 will be donated to the Bethel Russian Church, a Denver based church who have people on the ground in Ukraine delivering aid to those who need it most.

ROAR has chosen the American Hotel & Lodging Association Safety Summit as the time and place to announce this program because the hospitality industry has a long history of supporting global causes, as they always have a local level impact. This initiative is as close to their mission as it is to ours.

The U.S. hotel industry is facing mandates and deadlines to install Employee Safety Systems (aka panic buttons) by year’s end. ROAR is gathering data to statistically demonstrate the economic benefits to owners of doing the right thing for employees, through gains in staff retention and satisfaction and limits on workman’s comp and liability. In the interim, we encourage owners and managers to do what they must do eventually, now, and do some good in the process.

We will also be applying this donation effort to participating healthcare organizations, who have been suffering onslaughts of their own over the pandemic with rates of violence more than doubling, although not as severe as a war. Facilities wishing to participate may do so through this link.

“The only way we can raise money and remain true to our B-Corp mission of People-Planet-Profit is through customer acquisition,” said ROAR for Good SVP Peter Klebanoff. “This is one reason donations will be made in the name of the participating client, not ROAR for Good. The client gets the best available technology with the best economic efficiency, and Ukrainians who are starving, get food and a place to rest. My family was chased out of Russia 125 years ago, Yasmine is a refugee from Palestine, and we have a team member whose family is under assault today in Ukraine, so we must act with conviction and decisiveness. It’s uplifting to see this tremendous response, and we hope to see it with refugees from other countries as well.”


Albert Einstein was more than a physics genius. It was he who observed, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” Join us, and let’s do something.

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