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ROAR Launches 911-enabled Button to Panic Button Solution to Increase Safety for Lone Workers

ROAR's 911 panic button

Partnership with RapidSOS enables ROAR to provide emergency responses for many different industries


PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, June 26, 2023ROAR, the leading panic button provider, today launched its new wearable 911 Panic Button solution that includes emergency coverage directly to 911 personnel. The technology provides urgent assistance to lone workers of any industry.

ROAR is demonstrating its new 911 technology at booth 1950A at the HITEC Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto June 26-29.



“We implemented 911 functionality based on feedback from our customers who wanted to ensure their overnight and lone workers were able to receive help when no one else was around,” said ROAR co-founder and CEO Yasmine Mustafa. “Our mission is to empower people through technology to create safer organizations, and this new launch enables us to do just that, quickly and easily.”

The ROAR 911 Panic Buttons support lone workers, late-night workers, and those needing the peace of mind that their alerts are escalated to emergency services quickly without reaching for a phone or communicating their location verbally. In many hotels, small healthcare facilities, and other industries where staff-on-duty are small in numbers, this feature signals for help when seconds count without jeopardizing the individual who needs it:

  • Healthcare—Healthcare providers in smaller or rural locations can utilize ROAR’s panic buttons in a variety of locations as they provide care to their patients. They can be invaluable for doctors’ offices, labs, rehabilitation centers, women’s reproductive clinics, health centers providing gender affirming care, and numerous other settings.
  • Behavioral health—Therapists, counselors, and psychologists often find themselves alone while working with their patients. It is estimated 1 in 4 mental health workers have called the police for protection from a client. Additionally, psychiatric wards, mental health facilities, and addiction treatment centers can benefit to protect front line workers who may be at risk of dangerous outbursts or physical attacks.
  • Massage and Spa Services, and Small Retail Stores—ROAR expands the typical static button underneath the register or front desk capability to provide added functionality with a wearable solution they can be accessed anywhere within their workplace.
  • Hotels— this can apply to front-desk staff, room attendants, housekeepers, maintenance personnel, and valets who are often alone or isolated.

ROAR’s 911 solution was developed utilizing a partnership with RapidSOS to include emergency access directly to 911 personnel. Built in partnership with public safety, RapidSOS’s intelligent safety platform securely links life-saving data from over 500 million connected devices, apps, and sensors directly to over 15,000 911 and first responder agencies.

People using ROAR’s 911 Panic Buttons can simply press and hold the button and their precise location, site phone number and entry instructions are sent to RapidSOS’s call center. Beyond location information, RapidSOS also supports sharing emergency intelligence data to increase the amount of data first responders can obtain during a call. This empowers faster and more effective emergency response and provides first responders with the critical information they need to protect lives.

The solution guards against potential incident escalation thanks to silent and discreet activation, and leverages ROAR’s comprehensive location coverage to ensure there are no dead zones in emergency situations.

The ROAR 911 Panic Button along with its other solutions are available now. For more information, visit


About ROAR

ROAR’s mission is to empower people through technology to help create safer organizations. Its unique panic button technology solutions provide continuous coverage, even in dead-spot areas. Because the solution works independently of the facilities network, it is always on to ensure staff has a lifeline when they need it most. ROAR is the choice of major hotel chains and healthcare providers because of its redundancies, ease of use, effortless implementation, and hassle-free maintenance. Now RapidSOS Ready, ROAR users can now also contact 911 dispatchers directly in the case of an emergency. Visit

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ROAR’s mission is to empower people through technology to help create safer organizations.