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Podcast: Stress and Mental Health in the Workplace

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In this YouTube podcast of Finding Contentment, host Will Heckman and special guest Yasmine Mustafa talk about workplace safety and stress. Harassment and assaults against staff are rising. How workers feel impacts their performance, wellness, and liability risk. Same for an organization’s attraction, retention, and productivity of employees. People feeling stress about safety in the workplace has recently led to a significant increase in mental health issues. Nearly half of Americans in a Kaiser Family Foundation poll said their mental health took a turn for the worse. And in April 2020, the month after the coronavirus infested the U.S., the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Hotline experienced a 1,000% year-over-year increase. To help relieve some of that stress, many organizations already recognize the value of supporting their workers’ mental health through their employee benefits.

Listen and watch the episode here. 

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