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OSHA Online: Modern Technology & Improvements in Workplace Safety

modern workplace safety improvements

n the U.S. alone, there were about 2.7 million work-related injuries and illnesses in 2020. Of those, 4,764 were fatal. It just goes to show that even in stable workplace environments, you can still expect the same level of risk, lethal or otherwise. So, it’s crucial that companies continue to increase the levels of workplace safety, and modern technology can greatly help achieve that.

In this article, you will learn of some ways in which modern, cutting-edge technology can help improve safety in the workplace. Most of this technology is already being successfully implemented in practice. Keep in mind that these innovations can be used across all industries and that their implementation will differ depending on where you work.

Technologies that Help Improve Workplace Safety

Wearable technology/panic buttons. Wearable technology has been a major part of various industries in the 21st century, with the most notable example being construction. This area is quite vast, including pieces of technology like cooling vests, smartwatches, exoskeletons, helmets and two-way communication headsets for safety.

Nowadays, wearable technology is becoming far more integrated and streamlined. For instance, the smart technology of a wireless panic button in the hospitality, healthcare and education industries is proving to be a boon for improving workplace safety.

Safety apps. With more and more members of the workforce owning a smart device, there’s an easy method of helping employees keep safe. All they need to do is install a specific safety app that will help them get through the workday unscathed.

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