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This Will Drive More Applicants to Your Job Postings

Panic Buttons Are Key Benefits for Employees

If you’re a service-based business and you are not listing “Panic Buttons” as a benefit you offer, you are missing an opportunity.


Other than salary, what do employees value the most from an employer?

Healthcare insurance (e.g., medical, dental)? Nope, 40%. Vacation/Paid time off? Sorry, 37%. Performance bonus? Good guess, but no, 35%. Paid sick days? Flat-lined at 32%. A 401(k) plan, retirement plan and/or pension? An oldie, but not the goodie at 31%1. Feel safe at work? WE HAVE A WINNER at 98%.

Yup, according to an employee survey we just conducted at one of our sites, a whopping 98% considered the measures taken to keep them safe as a key element in taking or staying at a job. Maybe that’s why you rarely see a headline where the employees are complaining about a new OSHA safety mandate.

You might not have heard, but sexual harassment, assaults, and injuries are rampant among hospitality and healthcare workers. How rampant? In a survey of hotel housekeepers, 58% – yes F I F T Y E I G H T percent reported that they had an unwanted sexual encounter at work at least once in the prior year – and that’s under-reported. In healthcare, workers account for 73% of all nonfatal injuries due to violence.

Why might you have not heard? Because 75% of sexual harassment cases go unreported, and nurses assume violence is part of their job.

Housekeepers, minibar attendants, room service waiters, healthcare workers, and mostly all service-based employees are at-risk in the workplace.  Why? Because they aren’t.

Think installing an employee safety solution (panic button technology) is expensive?

Consider the cost of NOT installing one instead. According to a study by SpringerPlus, employees who were sexually harassed reported (a) a decrease in job satisfaction (b) greater turnover intentions, and (c) a higher rate of absenteeism.

The loss of productivity alone is estimated to cost $1,053 per victim – and an environment that isn’t addressing the problem isn’t just affecting the harassed employee, but all of their colleagues as well.

Calculate for yourself, what does one employee turning over cost you? How about ‘just’ absenteeism?


As one example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the hotel and motel industry has one of the highest annualized employee turnover rates at 73.8%. That’s shocking considering HR professionals look for a range of 10-15% according to Entry-level positions such as housekeeping or front desk positions, an employer can expect to pay 16% of an annual salary in turnover costs. If you’re paying $40,000 per year, that’s a staggering $6,400 per employee that leaves.

We haven’t even talked about the benefits from faster response times to an injury or medical emergency that these safety solutions can offer.

Finally, this doesn’t include the cost of litigation for negligently failing to protect your employees, or the fines if you live in a jurisdiction where they are legally mandated.

In conclusion, it appears we have found an employee benefit that is extremely important to them, that benefits the employer more.

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Yasmine Mustafa

Yasmine Mustafa believes ROAR found her, not the other way around. A former refugee and undocumented immigrant, she draws upon her unique life experiences to lead ROAR in its mission to empower and protect workers across all industries. Her journey is a testament to resilience and unwavering commitment. With over 15 years of leadership in the tech industry, including the successful sale of her first company, 123LinkIt, to a firm in Silicon Valley in 2009, Yasmine is a driving force for positive change, balancing profits with purpose. Yasmine’s workplace safety advocacy and leadership have earned recognition from the BBC, CNBC’s Upstart 100 and the City of Philadelphia. Yasmine is a highly sought-after conference speaker. A two-time TEDx speaker, Yasmine has also presented at the prestigious SXSW and CES conferences, sharing her deep passion for harnessing technology for positive change. Beyond her professional life, Yasmine enjoys time spent with friends and family, exploring the outdoors, biking, and hiking. She also dedicates her time to the boards of Coded by Kids, Leadership Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies.

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