Healthcare Facility Sees Dramatic Safety and Profitability Boost

Did you know that 75% of healthcare workers don’t feel safe at work? Or that healthcare facilities are losing up to $58,400 per each instance of employee turnover​? Learn how ROAR delivered a solution that helped BeWell to boost employee safety, morale and its bottom line.

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What’s Inside

In this case study, you’ll discover how ROAR’s wearable and affordable safety solution — that can be deployed for any industry — helped:

  • Reduce incidents between patients and staff by 39% in the first three months
  • Grow staff satisfaction from 57% to 73% once rollout was complete
  • Energize a significant upswing in staff peace of mind
  • Decrease workers’ compensation claims by 24%
  • Improve overall profitability

“ROAR was chosen because it was more accurate and less expensive than other products on the market.”

— VP of Global Safety & Security, Marriott Vacations Worldwide

Want to improve the safety of your employees, increase job satisfaction and reduce workers’ comp claims?

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