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Wireless Panic Button
Solution for Psychiatric
Ward Nurses and Staff

Between 24% and 80% of psychiatric nurses will be assaulted in their career, resulting in PTSD, absences, and burnout. Facilities lose $37k to $58k per turnover.

Give psychiatric nurses and staff maximum safety no matter where they are with our wearable panic button.

Take care of your employees with the ROAR Panic Button
Solution that protects them with one touch of a button

Hassle-free and easy setup: It is easy to install, use and maintain with dynamic tracking for fast response times.

Our solution runs independently of your network and has built-in redundancies
for the highest reliability.

Our patented technology was built to work everywhere in a building, including places where most solutions do not due to poor cell service.

Mental healthcare workers face extreme risks.

of nurses working in mental healthcare reported experiencing workplace violence in the preceding
12 months.
Nurses who work in psychiatry environments are a shocking
20 times
more likely to experience physical violence than those working in public health units.
According to an article published in the National Library of Medicine (NIH),
of nurses on psychiatric units reported being assaulted by a patient at some point in their career.

When Seconds Matter, Protect Your People Faster

Our patented technology was built to work everywhere in a building, including places where cell coverage is poor.

911 with phone icon

We provide Emergency Services with accelerated response times so first responders can find people faster.

It is hassle-free and easy to use and maintain with dynamic tracking for fast response times and 24/7 support.

Better Care for Employees.
Better Savings for Organizations.

See what one of our customers experienced with the ROAR Panic Button Solution.


Reduction in violent incidents against staff


Decline in workers' comp claims


Increase in employee satisfaction

<6 months

Return on Investment (ROI)

In order for our patients to feel supported and to find the road to recovery, our clinical professionals need to be at the top of their game — and that means feeling safe. This technology allows them to focus on the diagnosis and treatment of patients and avoid worrying about safety concerns.

Doug Maier, Chief Financial Officer

Healthcare Facility Sees Dramatic Safety and Profitability Boost

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ROAR's Panic Button Solution be used for prevention or de-escalation?

Yes, we have heard the following from customers:

  1. The signs we post throughout the facility that staff is outfitted with panic buttons act similarly to a home security system sign or CCTV camera, helping reduce the likelihood of incidents from occurring.
  2. The panic buttons being visibly worn or behavioral health workers pointing to it and saying “don’t make me press this” once a patient becomes verbally aggressive vs waiting for them to get physical.

Leveraging ROAR as a de-escalation tool would ultimately be determined by your facility depending on the guidelines they build to suit their safety needs and other training.

Do you offer anti-ligature domes and tamper resistant screws to meet compliance requirements?

Yes, we install the domes around our Smart Beacons with tamper-resistant screws to prevent removal and potential weaponizing of the equipment.

Does ROAR provide coverage in secluded areas?

ROAR’s system gives you the ability to cover all areas of your property, including stairwells, rooftops, outdoor spaces, and parking garages.

Will installation require new outlets or drilling?

Our Smart Beacons do not require additional construction. Our networking equipment, such as the gateways, will need electrical connections. Properties often have available electrical outlets in the networking closets where their Wi-Fi system is installed.

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