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The Most Reliable Wireless Stand-Alone Panic Button Solution for Healthcare Employees

75% of healthcare workers report they don't feel safe.

Implementing a ROAR panic button solution helps protect employees' well-being and improves morale, with proven ROI in months.

ROAR's wearable panic button solutions summon immediate help with one touch of a button

It is easy to use and maintain with live tracking for fast response times

Our solution runs on its own network with built-in redundancies for highest reliability

Our patented dead-zone free technology was built to work everywhere, including parking lots

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Better care for employees. Better savings for companies.

Preserve your greatest asset: your employee's wellbeing See how ROAR helped reduce violent incidents, workers comp claims, and increased employee satisfaction.

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''In order for our patients to feel supported and to find the road to recovery, our clinical professionals need to be at the top of their game — and that means feeling safe. This technology allows them to focus on the diagnosis and treatment of patients, and avoid worrying about safety concerns.''

Doug Maier, Chief Financial Officer

Reduction in violent incidents
against staff


Decline in workers' comp claims


Increase in employee satisfaction


Improvement in MOD score

Healthcare workers face extreme risks

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, incidents of
Workplace violence are
more common in healthcare
than in private industry. Most assaults come from patients and patients' families. Violence is assumed to be part of the job.
of nurses experienced workplace violence each year
Healthcare workers
accounted for
of all nonfatal
workplace injuries
and illnesses due to violence in 2018.
Hospital staff experience workplace aggression every 40 hours worked. The most common precipitants included medication administration (18.6%), waiting for care (17.2%), and delivering food/drinks (15.9%).
The Aggressive Incidents in Medical Settings (AIMS) Study:
Advancing Measurement to Promote Prevention of Workplace Violence
The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Safety, November 2023

Healthcare facility sees dramatic safety and profitability boost

“Due to the partnership with Brown & Brown, Zenith, and especially ROAR – (Be Well’s) Experience Mod has decreased by almost 50% which is incredible. It is the lowest since 2015 and it is going to decrease again next year. This is heavily contributed to ROAR’s technology and its ability to deter workplace violence.”

— VP of Commercial Insurance, Brown & Brown

Committed to the Safety and Security of Your People - Always

  • Patented technology built to work everywhere in a building, including dead zones 
  • Easy to use and install, live tracking for fast response times and 24/7 support 
  • Emergency Response Service option available 
  • Wearable and under-desk options available 
  • 100% CSAT score and 99% retention rate 

ROAR is a professional member of the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS), the only organization solely dedicated to managing and directing security and safety programs in healthcare facilities.

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Why choose ROAR ?

Durable & reliable - built for the rigorous demands of healthcare

a ROAR panic button next to medical scrubs

Designed for people, lightweight and easy to use

Easy installation and implementation, with no drilling required

ROAR’s vision is to protect 30M vulnerable people by 2030. Our dual-patented panic button solution acts like a guardian angel, giving staff the ability to send an alert for help to nearby staff, security, or 911 - down to the room/floor level. ROAR panic button solutions are uniquely designed to cover dead zones, ensuring non-stop protection.

Our commitment to employee safety has helped us earn B Corp status, signifying ROAR's exceptional performance, accountability and transparency across all operations, balancing profit with purpose. With an unwavering commitment to safety, ROAR has achieved a perfect 100% retention rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ROAR provide coverage in secluded areas, e.g. stairwalls?

ROAR’s system gives you the ability to cover all areas of your property, including stairwells, rooftops, outdoor spaces, and parking garages.

How does ROAR work in areas where Wi-Fi or cell coverage is poor or unreliable? Can outdoor areas like parking lots and smoking areas be covered?

With ROAR’s standalone solution, coverage is completely independent of external Wi-Fi and LTE networks. The system was intentionally built to address dead spots so there is no singular point of failure.

Why is your BLE mesh technology better than other panic button solutions?

With other panic button solutions, you get a one-to-one or one-to-many Bluetooth solution usually requiring a Wi-Fi connection or a single hub or router, which could disrupt communication. ROAR’s Bluetooth mesh technology provides a many-to-many connection, enabling redundancy of communication.

With our BLE mesh technology, devices are connected to each other in a way that allows for multiple pathways for data to travel from one device to another. This means that if one device is unable to communicate directly with another device, the data can still be routed through other devices in the network to reach its destination. Unlike other BLE solutions that may rely on a single hub or router, this ensures reliability and resiliency because there isn’t a single point of failure that would otherwise disrupt communication. It’s also useful in disaster situations where some devices may be damaged or offline. Learn more about the differences between Bluetooth panic buttons and Bluetooth mesh technology here.

Is Bluetooth mesh technology reliable?

Yes, depending on how it is built. ROAR’s mesh technology allows communication between multiple devices and removes the need for smartphones, and cellular or Wi-Fi networks that may be prone to dead zones. In our BLE mesh network, each Smart Beacon on the network can communicate with other devices on the network. This means that if one fails or goes offline, the others can still communicate with each other, making the network more resilient and reliable. Additionally, mesh networks can be easily expanded by adding more Smart Beacons, allowing them to grow and adapt to changing needs while increasing the network’s redundancy capacity.

We have Wi-Fi, how would we work with your system?

ROAR’s BLE mesh technology works independently of your Wi-Fi system. If you would like to leverage your Wi-Fi, we offer a tier that is used in combination with an LTE connection to transfer all your messages from the gateway to the cloud server, ensuring reliability for your staff.

Our IT department doesn’t allow integrations with other networks. Can we still use ROAR?

All your network components report their ‘heartbeat’ to the cloud server multiple times an hour. If one of the components does not respond, a notification is immediately sent to your property. Furthermore, the network is self-healing, and will maintain its integrity using its redundancies, whether it’s the Smart Beacons or Gateway. Our proactive monitoring team will also reach out to help get your network back to 100% health.

What type of reporting is available?

We offer a web portal and email reporting sent daily, weekly, or monthly based on your preference.

Is ROAR Emergency Response (911) included?

ROAR’s 911 Panic button service is available as an add-on product to one or all of the devices you purchase in the core solution. This service can be purchased via a static button mounted to one station or via our wearable and dynamic location devices.

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