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Athena device

Storage pouch

USB charging cable

Tech Specs


Circular base: 1.5” diameter x 0.5” thick (38.5mm diameter x 12mm thick).
Clasp length: 2.4” long x 1” wide (60mm long x 26.4mm wide).


Flexible, durable elastomer material with a lightweight aluminum backing.


Bluetooth Low Energy with a range of 30-50 feet.

SMS & Alerts

Athena users require a smartphone that runs either iOS 8 or later OR Android 6.01 and up.
Emergency contacts are not required to download the mobile application on their smartphone.


A lot of powerful hardware packed into only 1oz!

What’s in the box

Athena Device 8in micro-USB cord Stylish pouch for storage Quick Start Guide.


Battery life: up to 2 weeks.
Battery type: lithium-polymer.
Charge time: two to three hours.


Athena only tracks the user’s location when an alert is activated.

The Clasp

Strong and innovative magnetic band for a secure fit.


Two buzzers operating at different frequencies to provide a maximum impact alarm of 90+ dB.


Going for a run? Wear your Athena!
Going for a swim? Don’t wear your Athena!


Unhappy with your Athena experience? Reach out to us at and let us make it right.

Popular questions

There are currently no monthly fees that ROAR charges. However, text message and data rates from your wireless provider may apply based on your wireless service plan.

Yes, we believe everyone all over the world should be able to take part in ROAR's mission to reduce assaults. Athena will be functional internationally as long as you have cellular service and a smartphone. Please note customers outside the United States will be responsible for payments that are not included in the purchase price such as taxes, VAT, duties, fees or other items.

We are working toward engineering a solution that allows Athena to initiate a phone call when alarm mode is activated. More updates on this functionality will be available by Summer of 2017. It will be pushed live via an update through mobile application and it does NOT require a separate Athena purchase.

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