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ROAR Unveils Gateway 2.0: A Groundbreaking Hardware Solution Revolutionizing Safety with Uninterrupted End-to-End Protection

PHILADELPHIA, Sep. 19, 2023ROAR, a leading workplace panic button provider, today announced the availability of Gateway 2.0, a proprietary hardware gateway that offers end-to-end uninterrupted lifesaving protection for frontline workers, even in the event of a power outage.  Setting itself apart, ROAR’s unique Panic Button solution remains the solitary choice that guarantees this continuous level of security, expertly designed to shield workers from incidents of violence. 


ROAR Gateway 2.0 brings greater reliability and remote monitoring for customer maintenance of ROAR’s panic button solution. Gateway 2.0 eliminates the need to create a Wi-Fi network, which allows ROAR’s installed system to comply with strict privacy standards such as those required in healthcare facilities. Additionally, Gateway 2.0 will help ROAR customers save time and money by eliminating multiple gateway devices and installation needs. 


“ROAR’s Gateway 2.0 represents a significant advancement of our technology, offering our customers unparalleled safety features while optimizing expenses linked to hardware, setup and maintenance,” said Yasmine Mustafa, CEO of ROAR. “Gateway 2.0 provides our customers with uninterrupted safeguarding crucial for maintaining the wellbeing and safety of their frontline staff.  This innovation bolsters system-wide robustness by reducing the risk of potential failure points.  Gateway 2.0 also enhances property privacy and security by reducing reliance on internal infrastructure, ultimately resulting in a cost-effective solution for our valued customers.”  


ROAR’s Gateway 2.0 also offers: 

  • Continuous coverage: Imperative during emergency situations such as primary power loss or outage allowing vital information to be shared when other means of communication may not be available  
  • Built-in rechargeable battery backup: Up to 8-hours 
  • Support for remote configuration: Enhanced ability to set up and monitor devices remotely 
  • Two-way communication 
  • Patented Mesh Network: self-healing to ensure little to no downtime 
  • LED indicator lights: for greater visibility into the functioning and connection status than previous gateways 


Gateway 2.0 is available in mid-September 2023.  To schedule a demo or request additional information regarding ROAR’s Panic Button and ROAR’s 911 Panic Button solutions please visit 


About ROAR 

ROAR’s mission is to empower people through technology to help create safer organizations. Its unique panic button technology solutions provide continuous coverage, even in dead-spot areas. Operating independently from facility networks, ROAR’s systems are always on, ensuring that a lifeline is always available to the staff in their times of need. Renowned by major hotel chains and healthcare providers, ROAR stands out for its redundancies, user-friendly interface, seamless integration, and low-maintenance upkeep. With RapidSOS capabilities, ROAR users gain the added advantage of directly contacting 911 dispatchers during emergencies. Currently protecting 1 million people and safeguarding over 25,000 locations, ROAR continues to be at the forefront of ensuring safety and security. For more information, please visit