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Protect Your Staff

The most reliable hotel safety platform to assure staff are safe with one touch of a button
"AlwaysOn™ was chosen because it was more accurate and less expensive than other products on the market."
VP of Global Safety & Security at Marriott Vacations Worldwide

The AlwaysOn™ Staff Safety Platform

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AlwaysOn™ is a staff safety solution that summons helps with one touch of a button.
AlwaysOn™ was designed from the ground up using direct feedback from housekeepers. Some features of AlwaysOn™ include alarm location tracking with room-level accuracy, dead zone protection, and built-in false alarm prevention.
"Based on my experiences with other solutions, this is one of the best. The beacons appear small, and because they’re battery operated, we can place them in discrete locations. The panic buttons are elegant and I appreciate that it’s designed to prevent false alarms."
Bert & Hotel Owner

How It Works

AlwaysOn Logo
AlwaysOn Logo
Press ROAR Alert Device to signal for help
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Staff is alerted with real-time location via mobile push notifications and Alert Console

More Reliability, Less Markup

AlwaysOn™ was built to address the top 3 safety system concerns shared by Hotel Executives & Staff
  1. Price
  2. Performance
  3. False Alarm Prevention
We leverage our proprietary technology to provide superior service using more efficient hardware - saving you thousands of dollars while exceeding brand standards.
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Complete dead spot coverage
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Discreet, easy to hide, low-maintenance hardware
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3-Year battery-powered Smart Beacons
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Room-specific location tracking
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Built-in WIFI & LTE for extra layers of protection
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Award-winning ROAR Alert Device designed to prevent false alarms

About Us

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Based in Philadelphia, ROAR for Good is a woman-led and mission-driven technology company dedicated to creating safer workplaces. We believe that no one should be afraid while trying to earn a living wage, and that belief propelled our latest staff safety solution.
When employees are given the tools to succeed, businesses benefit. Protect your greatest assets with AlwaysOn™.
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