• We’ve developed fashionable safety wearables aimed at diminishing attacks against women
  • We’re committed to making a difference and are donating a percentage of proceeds to non-profits that teach empathy and healthy relationships
  • We're dedicated to sustainable business practices and are proud to be a certified B-Corp
  • The company has raised nearly a quarter million in funding from Philadelphia investors


  • ROAR's first product is named Athena after the Greek goddess of wisdom and courage
  • This fashionable safety wearable emits a loud alarm and messages friends & family with your location
  • It also features a silent mode that only messages friends with your location
  • The replaceable battery lasts up to 3 months
  • There are three colors to choose from for the backing - Rose Gold, Antique Silver, and Timeless Black. The front design is interchangeable to suit a woman's preferences and lifestyle


The idea for ROAR was born after our co-founder, Yasmine, solo-trekked across South America. Throughout her travels, she kept meeting women - both locals and travelers - who shared horrific stories of assault. Then one week upon her return to Philadelphia, a woman was brutally raped one  block from Yasmine’s apartment. After learning of the incident, she called Anthony and the two joined forces. Both are serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds in hardware & software and are passionate about empowering women.  



  • 1 in 4 college females will be sexually assaulted (source)
  • 1 in 5 women have experienced rape or attempted rape (source)
  • Empathy has decreased by 40% in college-aged individuals (source)
  • Programs focused on empathy and healthy relationships among men have been proven to decrease aggression (source)


  • College students
  • Women in urban environments
  • Real estate agents
  • Joggers and bikers
  • Women who work late at night
  • Parents
  • Travelers


Women empowerment through real change

ROAR recognizes that many women are raised from an early age to be aware of threats at nearly all times. It is our goal with the introduction of Athena that women may actually shift from an element of fear into a greater sense of personal empowerment and comfort in their physical environment. ROAR chose to address this topic from both the intervention and prevention sides of the issue. With Athena, women can get help when they are in danger. But concurrently, profits are cycled back into non-profits at the front lines of impacting the larger cultural issues causing these problems to exist in our society.

Self­-defense tools haven’t innovated in over 70 years.

Women find them intimidating, aggressive, and combative. Most concerning, women are afraid they will be overpowered and their own self­-defense device used as a weapon against them. ROAR is changing the game. Athena is the world’s first fashionable, smart jewelry that helps deter attacks, instantly calls for help, and cannot be used against the wearer. 

The world’s first fashionable, smart jewelry that helps reduce attacks against women.

ROAR is developing Athena - a wearable accessory that can be worn as a necklace, attached to a handbag, clipped to a blouse, or added to a keychain. With the push of a button, a loud alarm is emitted and text messages sent to family & friends with GPS coordinates.

A new kind of business: the social mission B-Corp

ROAR is not just another wearable tech company. For each device purchased, this B­-corp organization is taking a percentage of proceeds and investing in nonprofits that teach empathy, respect, and healthy relationships to young boys and young girls - programs which have been shown to decrease violence later in life.


Contact us at media@roarforgood.com for more info. 
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