Can Athena be used for men, seniors, and children as well? 

We're targeting our messaging to women because of the tragic statistics, but we intentionally made the design unisex so anyone can benefit from it.

Will Athena be available internationally?

Yes, we believe women all over the world should be able to take part in ROAR's mission to reduce assaults. Athena will be functional internationally as long as you have cellular service and a smartphone. 

Can Athena contact 911?

We are working toward engineering a solution that allows Athena to initiate a phone call when alarm mode is activated. More updates on this functionality will be available by the Summer of 2016. 

What if I activate Athena accidentally? 

We've taken preventative measures to limit accidental triggers. After numerous focus groups and mock-attacks within self-defense classes, we designed Athena with distinctive raised texture to guide your finger to the recessed button in the middle of the device. It must be pressed for 3 seconds to activate the device. 

In addition, once Athena is activated, the user has 10 seconds to deactivate the outgoing alert before contacts are notified.

Is the battery replaceable or rechargeable? 

The battery will be rechargeable through a micro-USB connector, so there's no need to fumble around with changing coin cell batteries. Recent tests show that when paired with the phone 24/7, Athena won't need to be recharged for about 2 weeks. The mobile application will notify the user when the battery is running low. 

What type of warranty will you offer? 

We appreciate your willingness to invest in us as we move towards production and we will do everything we can to ensure our customers are happy with it. Our development and QA teams are working very hard to minimize potential glitches. And if there are any required updates, we will provide them at no additional cost.

Is Athena water-resistant? 

The Athena device is water-resistant, which means it is rain and splash-proof. 

Is there a monthly fee for the GPS/texting/calling features?

There are currently no monthly fees that ROAR charges. However, text message and data rates from your wireless provider may apply based on your wireless service plan.

How far away from my smartphone can I be and have it still work?

Athena uses bluetooth low-energy (BLE) to communicate with your phone. Given the uncertainties in each user’s environment, fifty feet is a conservative estimate we’ve been using.


Am I being tracked all the time? 

Your GPS coordinates will only be sent when you activate Athena - and only to those you designate as your emergency contacts. To prevent tracking and ensure privacy, we randomize Athena's communication protocol address every 15 minutes so the wearer can't be uniquely identified by passive observers. 

How do you ensure privacy? 

User privacy is of the utmost concern for us. We've secured our infrastructure with powerful encryption so your data is always private and safe. Our system is consistently updated with the latest security patches and our network's firewall is constantly monitored to prevent unwanted visitors. In addition, we do not store or retain your location information other than using it for alert purposes.

What if you are in an area with poor signal or bad data connection? Will this device still function?

There are two aspects to the Athena jewelry: the first is sounding a loud alarm when the button is pressed and held for three seconds. That function will work regardless of your location or mobile phone signal strength. The second is the outreach to your emergency contacts. Athena connects with your mobile phone (via Bluetooth) to send messages with your location to your emergency contacts. If your phone does not have a good wireless provider connection (ie. poor or no signal), then the messages will not be sent. However, our mobile application will retry to establish a connection until you cancel it.

What is SilentROAR?

We know there are occasions when the wearer doesn't want an attacker to know that the device has been triggered. So we engineered SilentROAR, a feature in which alert messages can be sent without the alarm or light being activated. We designed a vibration motor into Athena so when SilentROAR is activated, you will feel Athena vibrate letting you know that your alert message has been sent.

What is ROAR's warranty policy? 

Athena has a 1-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. If a defect arises and a valid claim is received within the warranty period, we will either repair Athena at no charge or exchange the product. You can learn more in our Terms and Services page under section 25 "Product Warranty."

What is ROAR's refund policy? 

You can request your money back by emailing us at orders@roarforgood.com. Please include the reason why so we can better service others in the future. 

Once we're shipping, we will be accepting refunds within 60 days of your purchase. Athena must be undamaged and in its original packaging and accessories. Contact us at orders@roarforgood.com for a refund form. 

What does pre-order mean exactly, and when is my credit card billed? 

For pre-orders, your credit card is billed once you make your purchase as we are using the funds from these pre-orders to finalize the development of Athena. The term "pre-order" is used to describe placing an order for an item which has not yet been released. This allows companies like ours to raise capital for product development and manufacturing. To thank our community for ordering Athena before we ship, we're offering a one-time 20% off incentive to early adopters. Our goal is to ship the product in the Fall of 2016, and we'll keep you posted on our progress along the way. Should any delays arise, we'll let you know why and what we're doing to address them. 

What if my address changes? And how do I select the color I want?  

Before we ship, we'll send a survey asking you for your Athena color preference (Timeless Black, Antique Silver, Rose Gold) and your updated shipping address if needed.

When will I receive my Athena device?

We're aiming to ship the first Athena devices so that they arrive by the Fall of 2016. As our production devices are ready, we will ship them out on a "first come, first served" basis.

I have other questions that are not listed - where do I go?

Email us at help@roarforgood.com or call us at 267-587-6271 (267-58-ROAR-1).